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Storage Facilities in Wellington, Somerset

Long term storage is our specialty. We provide cool, dry, secure, storage, all on the ground floor, with the facility to load and unload inside the warehouse. We can even provide a collection and delivery service.

Storage solutions are our speciality!

The storage services we offer at The Somerset Removal Company, often come hand-in-hand with our removal services. It might be that there is a period between moving out of one house before moving into the next, so you need somewhere to store your worldly possessions; our storage services can be integrated into your personal moving plan.

However, customers use our storage facilities for a whole host of reasons; it could be that they are working on home improvements, so need to store a couple of rooms’ furniture for a short period, or that they are going away travelling, or to university, so need to store their items during that time. For many people, it is just that they do not have enough space in their home or business premises, so need a longer-term solution.

At The Somerset Removal Company, we provide storage facilities for either short- or long-term periods – with discounts available for long-term contracts. Short-term contracts can be for as little as one day – sometimes you might have the need for same- or next-day storage – often during a house or office move, so we offer flexible options to suit your needs.

Based in Wellington, Somerset, our state-of-the-art facilities are located on the ground floor for easy access, and loading and unloading can take place within the actual warehouse – again for your convenience. We also offer a collection and delivery service; you can rely on our friendly, trained team to transport your belongings in the best way, using their expertise in removals and moving for both domestic and business.

Our storage compartments are weather-protected and monitored on-site through 24 hour CCTV, giving you peace of mind your valuable possessions are secured and protected at all times. As professionally packing and moving items is what our business is all about, you can rest-assured that your possessions will be expertly packed, transported and stored for you, and treated with great care.

To discuss our various flexible storage options, and to see which will be the best solution for you and your requirements, contact us now.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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